Thursday, June 24, 2010

ROUND-UP: The best free browser-based creative tools online

Here's a round-up of some of our favourite spots for creating on the internet. While we're not guaranteeing that your 2-year-old niece could use them, if you're stuck for time and cash, these tools are easy to use and will definitely come in handy.

Whether a typography enthusiast, or simply someone with a drive for a something different than plain old Cambria, FontStruct provides a user-friendly interface for creating, sharing and utilizing your very own font series (or logo, or stencil).

Want professional-looking photos but can't hire a photographer? Picnik offers users a powerful in-browser platform for editing photographs for personal and professional use that come out looking just as good as that guy with the $8000 digital SLR.

Lo' and behold, Google Docs is not only useful as a text tool, but also as an online drawing space. In the "Create New" menu in the upper left side of your Google Docs homepage screen, you have the option of "Drawing", which provides basic features like shapes and lines for creating anything from cartoon-style drawing to graphs. Fun feature: like other Google documents, your drawing can be shared with and edited by other users. Cool!

4) Wix and Weebly

Both Wix and Weebly are examples of web platforms that offer creative templates for creative users. While Wix is a popular choice for flash, Weebly's easy drag-and-drop composition-style is a total time-saver. (PS. For bands -Wix has specialty MySpace templates.)

Want to edit a video you took with your iPhone? Although it's no Avid, JayCut is way more high tech than your average run-of-the-mill film editor (*cough*iMovie*cough*) with a really simple interface.

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