Friday, June 25, 2010


It's not easy being a musician. That's why, when we do work for talented clients, we like to give them big-ups as an attempt to contribute to their exposure and success. Also, if they get famous, we can say we met them.

k-Notty is no try-hard girl rapper. Discovering a flare for poetry at an early age, she naturally progressed to emceeing and by 16 was hooked. On her new single, "Bring It Home" she relates her flow as a mixture of Eazy-E and Cee-Lo -and comes across as comparably unique and hard as both. With a passion for hip hop that she describes as "an homage to as an art form rather than social trend," we've got a feeling that this feisty cat is going to start coming up big in Toronto music circles.

(Above: Firebrand's print of k-Notty's mixtape Dream on a Budget)

Check out k-Notty on MySpace!

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