Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to put together a wicked zine!

(Matt's zine Spontaneous Combustion. Come by the office and grab a copy!)

Our friend Matt showed up in the office a couple days ago requesting that we print his wicked Toronto indie zine Spontaneous Combustion and we were more than happy to oblige. His visit got us thinking hard about the nature of zines and the many ways that people approach making them. The possibilities are endless; you can make an art zine, or a music zine, or a literary zine or a zine about pets or a zine about marxist socialism or a zine featuring good congee recipes. The versatility of themes runs the gamut and that's a really fun aspect of zine-making, because it enables you to proclaim that even the most mundane subject matter is important.

In fact, we think everyone should make a zine. That's why we've created a list of resources for those of you who like the idea of creating new DIY print material as much as we do.

How-to Links:
The Toronto Zine Library - Located in the Tranzac building, this library boasts more than 3000 zine titles.
OCAD Zine Library - A zine library for students at the Ontario College of Art and Design.
So You Want To Start a Zine? - References and considerations to take before you decide to make a zine.
Toronto Zine Library Zine-making Workshop - For $25, someone from the zine library will teach you how it's done. Sounds like a good deal to me!
Broken Pencil - a Canadian magazine that revolves around zine culture, with a ton of awesome zine reviews.
Zinewiki - an amalgamation of zines, distributors and zinesters from all around the world, plus tips about how to do stuff. Also, definitions, like: What is a perzine?
Magazines Canada: Resources - Although not a distributor for zines specifically, their resources section offers some valuable information about advertising and auditing in case you ever want to take your zine to the next level.
Fall of Autumn - Cool zine resource site that offers a ton of specific guides and really awesome royalty-free clip art.

Toronto Zine Distros:
look mum! - fagpunk@gmail.com (thick perzines, radical thoughts and art)

Recommended Zines and Zinesters:

Now that you've got a starting base, get going, but make sure you swing by Firebrand and show us what you've made!

636 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
416 962 5200

Or email us at info@firebrandinc.com

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