Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ROUND-UP: Resources for Independent Filmmakers

So, you've decided to pursue filmmaking, but are unsure of the next step to take towards career success? Check out the following blogs for tips and tricks to help get you that much closer to fulfilling your filmmaking goals.

Ian Agard is a Toronto-based film entrepreneur and all around nice guy who, with his blog, is looking to inspire and exalt film lovers. Although his blog updates are few and far between, his "Resources" section contains some amazing articles from industry professionals that provide much needed guidance for new filmmakers.

A well-regarded screenwriting, director, and actor, Sugith Varughese uses his blog to speak candidly about the Canadian film industry, providing a diverse perspective as a multi-skilled worker.

Don't let the title of this blog give you the wrong impression! Put simply, Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts is a series of interviews by insider John Gaspard with various filmmakers about the business and their experience with the low-budget approach. Recently interviewed: Whit Stillman (Metropolitan), Mardana Mayginnes (The Lonliest Road in America), William Greaves & Steven Soderbergh (Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One)

(This is one of John Gaspard's books about moviemaking, another excellent resource!)

Authored by Jane Kelly Kosek, a producer who's worked in the industry for almost a decade (so you know she knows her stuff), All About Indie Filmmaking exists as a place for Kosek to offer advice and reflections on the film industry as a whole, and talks about everything from casting to camera work.

Based more on the technical aspects of filmmaking, The Independent Film Blog is an excellent resource for those confused about the type of equipment to use in various circumstances.

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