Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ROUND-UP: Toronto meet-ups for filmmakers!

When you work in an industry (or hope to work in an industry) as difficult to traverse as film, it's best to make sure you socialize with like-minded others. But where can you find like-minded others? Here's Firebrand's round-up of Toronto-based film-related meeting groups to help you develop lasting relationships with people in the field.

Trust the Liason of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto to put together an awesome monthly screenwriters rendezvous.

This group meets a few times a year and is tailored specifically around Toronto's Avid Editing software users. Students are encouraged to attend!

With 882 contacts, the Toronto Film Industry Meet-up Group on is one of the most successful, bringing together a plethora of film individuals from directors to screenwriters to PR people and many more.
(As an aside, is a really great resource for finding contacts not just in film, but in any field or interest.)

Toronto Screenwriters Network acts as a virtual meet-up space for Screenwriters all over the place, but is moderated by Nika Rylski from George Brown College in Toronto. If you're a screenwriter and you're too nervous to join LIFT's Screenwriting Circle, this group is the perfect alternative.

(Image Source: The Stockholm Blog)

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