Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ROUND-UP: Toronto's best summer and fall 2010 film workshops

If you want to learn a creative skill fast, participating in a workshop is definitely an effective tactic to getting there. Pay a little cash, get tips from experts and -voila!- you've got skills. For technically complicated work like filmmaking, workshops are especially important. Check out our list (below) of summer and fall 2010 workshops in the Toronto area to help you become the best filmmaker you can be.

FinalCut Pro is one of the most important editing programs in the industry and learning to use it will put you miles ahead of those who don't know how.

The incredible Liason of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto has a series of workshops that encourage filmmakers to use alternative forms of media, such as the stylistic Super 8 camera.

One of a few film workshops offered by the infallible University of Toronto student centre, Hart House's impeccable reputation ensures that you're gonna come out of this workshop and be pretty much a pro.

Know a teen who's super into filmmaking? Or maybe you are a teen who's been making movies for years. Learn something valuable and make friends while doing it at the Centre for the Arts' Film Camp for Teens.

More interested in the aesthetics of film? The Canadian Society of Cinematographers' Lighting Workshop is a workshop that is perfect for someone looking to specialize in cinematography.

I also came across some other workshops that are not available for the fall, but are worth noting and keeping a watch on nonetheless.

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