Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TIPS N TRICKS: How to choose a worthwhile graphic designer

Here at Firebrand, we're all for supporting the graphic arts. What would the world be like without all sorts of pretty pictures everywhere?

Unfortunately, though, nowadays, it seems like everyone identifies as a graphic designer, making the task of hiring one all the more daunting. Don't worry -we're here to help. Below are 5 tips to keep in mind next time you're working with a graphic designer to make sure you're getting the best work you can.

1 - There's a difference between web and print designers

Just because someone can create a poster graphically does not mean that they can design a website with equal proficiency.

2 - School doesn't matter

A design degree doesn't necessarily offer an advantage. Some self-taught designers have way more skills than those who went to school to learn the craft.

3 - Designers are usually driven by either their technical or stylistic abilities

Before you hire anyone, make sure you have a good handle on their visual background. Some designers specialize in technical work, creating content for their clients that is specifically a reflection of said clients request. Alternatively, there are designers whose "style" of graphic design is the reason why they are sought after, and their work is less a reflection of a clients' wish and more a reflection of their own personal aesthetics.

4 - Know your graphic design etiquette

There are some things that make graphic designers very unhappy. First off, they hate when you ask them to see proofs (read: what they've done so far) in haste. Second, they don't like when they do a job for you and then you tell them to change it a million times. In fact, they hate it so much they may even charge you. If you know you're picky, talk to the designer about how they approach revisions before you work with them.

5 - Always remember the "Good, Fast, Cheap" rule

In an ideal world, all paid services would be good, fast, and cheap. Unfortunately, this is next to impossible, so we are generally afforded two of the three. If something is good and cheap, it's gonna take a while. If something is fast and cheap, it's probably not good. If something is good and fast, it's most likely expensive. When you're dealing with graphic designers, it's best to remember this rule.

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