Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ROUND-UP: Best film-related iPhone apps

There are some truly amazing professional and recreational apps from everyone from filmmakers to those who know nothing about movies. The following peaked my interest most intensely.

Professional Tools

A completely functional screen writing application.
Cost: $4.99

Working exposure meter, using the iPhone's built-in camera.
Cost: $2.99

Calculates the important elements of view for photographers and cinematographers.
Cost: $29.99

Full and accurate storyboardin'.
Cost: $19.99

Apparently, it's the most close to reality as far as film slate iPhone apps go (there are a surprising number!)
Cost: $4.99

Fun Stuff

Ever needed to pee really bad during a movie, but are scared of missing an important part? Haven't we all? This app tells you when in a film is a good time to leave, ensuring that you don't miss any unexpected plot twists.
Cost: Free

iPhone Screenshot 5

IMDB doesn't have an official app, so Movie Genie decided it was gonna make one. And, boy were they successful.

This app gives you the showtimes of movies playing in theatres around you. Excellent.
Cost: Free

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