Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where to see movies OUTSIDE in Toronto

There's nothing quite like sitting back, relaxing, enjoying the warm summer air and checking out some movies en plain air. Thankfully, Toronto's a great city for providing opportunities for such events, so why not take a look at our round-up for the best it has to offer.

Hey music fans! In collaboration with Hot Docs, the Worldwide Short Film Festival and New York's Rooftop Films, Open Roof will provide weekly screenings of various compelling independent films from Canada and around the world, along with a live musical act before the film. It's all happening in the parking lot of the Amsterdam Brewery, so expect excellent beer as accompaniment.

Tickets: $15/person

Attendance suggestion: Friday, August 12th for Bruce McDonald's Broken Social Scene movie This Movie Is Broken ("a rock show romance") with Toronto band The Little Black Dress.

Born-and-raised Torontonians are suckers for drive-ins because they grew up watching movies in enormous theatres with Imax and have no idea what its like to go to the drive-in. Polson Pier got wind of this a few years ago and opened their drive-in, which is situated on the driving range, so that Torontonians can feel like it's 1954 and they're in a small town in the Midwest.

Tickets: Fri/Sat: $15/adult, $5/kid, Sun: $25 for a whole carload

Attendance suggestion: Sunday, August 8th for M. Night Shyamalan's unintentionally hilarious The Last Airbender.

Wisely using the expansive space at Metro Square as its venue, Summer Movie Night, in partnership with TIFF (who's new headquarters are just a block away), will project compelling films every Wednesday night. Every night that has been scheduled looks amazing, with a specialty in films produced by either TIFF or the NFB. Also, if you go to the Tim Hortons at King and John, you may be able to get yourself a flyer that offers free coffee on the nights of the screenings.

Tickets: Free

Attendance suggestion: On Wednesday, August 18 Guy Maddin's amazing 2000 silent film tribute, The Heart of the World, will be shown alongside classic films like Alice in Wonderland, Fatty at Coney Island, Cops, The Dream, and Wilful Peggy while the musical scores are performed live. An amazing opportunity!

Below, Alice in Wonderland

There are a ton of other festivals to check out, and maybe, if you're a filmmaker, you can get your film screened.
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